Monday, October 3, 2011

8 tips to become a good owner of a Newfoundland dog

It is surely nice to own a Newfoundland dog, but great responsibility goes with it as well. If you whether have got a dog or you are planning to buy one (or just being curious and reading), here are few advices that may be useful. Yes, there are many things that a dog owner should pay attention to and it’s probably impossible to mention them all, but here are a couple of examples.

1. Always be patient with your Newfoundland dog. Newfoundland dogs are known by their calm nature and called “gentle giants”, so if your dog is patient, it will be great if you could be patient at least as it is.
2. Always clean the mess that your Newfoundland dog leaves behind. Yes, it can be boring (and not pleasant of course) sometimes, but keeping your house clean is important for both of you and your Newfie.
3. Don’t ever hit your dog. It’s never necessarily to do it. So what if your dog didn’t manage to succeed at certain training task at his first attempt? Newfoundland dogs are usually easy to train and there so no reason for getting upset if your dog needs a bit more time than you expected.
4. Don’t be lazy to take your Newfoundland dog for a walk. Your dog should be taken for an at least one walk a day. It will help your dog not becoming fat and it’s good for its health overall.
5. Play with your Newfoundland dog. Besides training and walking your dog, sometimes it’s good just to spend your time with it. Game choice is up to you, if you are out of ideas, you can search for some advices HERE.
6. Reward your Newfie when it successfully completes the task that you gave it. The award can be some kind of a treat, or simply saying “Good boy/job” to it.
7. Always supply enough water for your Newf. Newfoundland dogs like water a lot, but they also need it for cooling on warm days.
8. Give your dog a name. Well, this might doesn’t fall under the “tips list”, because it’s normal that people are giving their dogs names, but in case that you can’t decide, here are a couple of name ideas for your Newfoundland DOG.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Additional information about Newfoundland dogs nutrition

A nutrition theme was already discussed and some of the following information could be already mentioned before, but the subject will now mostly be nutrition of puppies, while it was about Newfoundland dogs of all ages before (about this breed in general).
When you buy a Newfoundland puppy, one of things that you need to do is to ask puppy’s breeder what was the puppy’s nutrition like. Of course, he will almost certainly say it before you manage to ask him, but in case that he forgets it’s on you to remind him. When you find out about puppy’s diet that it had, it’s ok to continue with the same, because probably there will be no reasons for changing it, especially if you see that your puppy is growing well. If you really want to, you can change your puppy’s diet, but if you decide it, do it gradually (over a period of at least 5 days), because you don’t want your puppy getting any stomach problems.
When speaking about your Newfoundland puppy’s nutrition, it’s important to mention that you shouldn’t let your puppy to become fat. They are quite big breed and already have got a slower metabolism, so getting too fat is really bad and unhealthy for them. If they become overweight, it will be hard for them to carry their weight on their feet, and their legs will become damaged. Yes, it falls under the “already mentioned information” list, but if something is important, it’s probably better to discuss it more times than forget about it and not mentioning it a single time. Anyway, some of the owners may be unsure how to check are they puppies having normal weight. The common way for doing this is to gently press your puppy’s ribs, you should feel them all.
So, let’s start discussing the food that’s good for a Newfoundland puppy (and the food that isn’t good as well). When talking about milk, many people tend to buy cow’s milk, and it’s usually a good choice. If for some reason puppy shows that it doesn’t like this kind of milk, a good replacement should be goat’s milk. Also, even small children do know that dogs like to eat bones, so what about them? Well, the best are raw and big ox bones, and it would be best that puppy chews only that ones. Cooked bones, bones of pork and lamb can be dangerous to puppies.
There are usually two ways to feed dogs: first one is using dog’s food, while the other one is choosing and mixing food on your own. If you decide to choose the first way, just simply read the guide and follow it. If it shows how much food to give during the whole day, just split it equally in (would be best) 4 meals. If you pick second way, meals usually include milk and meat. When puppy grows to approximately 15 weeks of age, you can add vegetable (that is lightly cooked) to their nutrition as well. Also, if you select this way of nutrition, be very careful about quantity of the food that you’re giving to your puppy (inform yourself very well before doing it).

Monday, September 12, 2011

What kind of activities should I do with my Newfoundland puppy besides training it?

There are no many or complicated things that should be mentioned here and it’s a big possibility that a lot of people (not only dog breeders) already have heard for them, but still let’s take a look at a couple of tips that every man who owns a dog might be interested to.
Besides training, activities that you can do together with your Newfoundland puppy are usually walking it, playing with it or letting your Newfoundland puppy to swim. Playing with a Newfoundland dog was already mentioned, and you can check it here, so let’s talk a bit more about the remaining two options (there were a couple of words about them as well, but it will be slightly more specific now).
So, let’s start with swimming. Anyone who either owns a Newfoundland dog or is informed about them, he almost certainly knows that they like water and to swim. Or they don’t? Well, actually, most of Newfoundland dogs can swim, but some of them can’t. So, if you find yourself close to a water area, don’t be like: “Oh, it’s a Newfoundland dog, it knows to swim” and throw it into the water. Asking breeder about this when buying a Newfoundland puppy would be a good idea, but in case that he can’t answer you, you should probably consult people who are professionals in this area.
When talking about walking, the walk is surely one of the most common activities that people do with their dogs. Also, it was already mentioned that Newfoundland dogs are quite big breed of dogs and their metabolism is a bit slower, so it’s important that they don’t get fat. A walk is one of the activities that help in preventing it. In the beginning, you should be careful because your puppy’s joints are sensitive and it has got heavy body to carry on its legs as well. So, until your puppy grows up to the 10 weeks of age, you can walk it two times a day and a walk can last for 5 minutes. It will be enough. Then, you can increase walking time a bit every next time, so it’s good that a puppy that’s about 5 months old gets walked twice a day (and walk should last for about ten minutes).
Also, these numbers doesn’t have to be 100% accurate all the time. They can be used for orientation while spending time with a Newfoundland puppy, but if you at any time notice that your puppy is getting tired, feel free to stop walking it (or some other activity). There can be a lot of reasons for your puppy getting tired fast. For example, if suddenly gets hot outside. If you notice that the weather is sunny, it would be best that you don’t even walk your puppy at that moment

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can I have a Newfoundland dog and keep my house clean as well?

Some people may be afraid of buying a Newfoundland dog, (mostly the ones who haven’t got a yard) because they are worried whether they house will remain clean or not. When talking about dogs in a house and keeping its cleanliness, it’s mainly about getting rid of dog’s feces. Of course, it is usually a very unpleasant thing to do, but here are a couple of things that a Newfoundland dog owner might be interested to know.

First of all, it should be mentioned that puppies can’t control their needs “to go to toilet”, so that’s why they by the word toilet consider everything around them. It’s like having a little baby, but without using diapers. Actually, when talking about diapers, there are also diapers for dogs and they should be available for buying in most of pet stores. However, if you consider buying diapers for your dog as an option for keeping the house clean, it would probably be a good idea to consult a vet first before doing it (to find out is there any possible reason that you shouldn’t do that and to generally inform yourself).

Ability to control their bowels (and bladder as well) will come as your Newfoundland puppy grows older. However, it’s not like you should just sit and wait for that to happen. It would be great if you could put some effort and try to recognize the signs that shows that your puppy wants to do a certain activity. Yes, it can be hard in the beginning, but it’s far from impossible. If you manage to see these signs on your dog and if you are able to take him to the place where is he supposed to do this acts, you will spare a lot of time (and prevent unnecessarily dirt in your house as well of course). Beside “recognizing signs”, it would be also a good idea that you take your puppy outside after its meals and after it wakes up, so you can try to make it get used on doing this kind of needs outside the house.

Also, of course that you won’t be able to always prevent your puppy from making your house dirty. Therefore, when you see that your puppy is sleeping, you should put few pieces of paper (usual newspaper will be fine) on the floor, so your puppy is likely supposed to understand it over time.
Even with extra care, accidents will happen and you will have to do an unpleasant job sometimes. However, you should never punish your puppy because of that, not just because it isn’t a nice thing to do, but your puppy most likely won’t understand it, even if you catch it while doing it. Most Newfoundland dogs are trained easily, so remaining calm and keeping patience shouldn’t be a problem for their owner

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is grooming a Newfoundland puppy a hard thing to do?

Newfoundland dogs are pretty big breed of a dog, so when some people see them and consider buying them, they may ask themselves (beside some other facts) are these dogs hard to groom. It’s never easy to answer on a question like that, because people have different preferences and opinions and therefore some of them do certain things in an easier way than other and vice-versa. Yes, you will need to spend some time on doing this and it may seem a little boring sometimes, but if you are thinking of buying a dog it means that you like them, so doing an activity that is related to it shouldn’t represent a problem to you.
Ok, so let’s get to the point. In the beginning, it will be a good idea that your puppy is being groomed at least once a day. A slicker brush is more than enough for doing this. There is nothing special that should be mentioned here, except that you should be very careful when brushing inner parts of its legs and its stomach, because they are more sensitive than other parts of its body. When your Newfoundland puppy grows a bit, you can groom it once a week instead of every day. Also, you may consider using some other tools beside brush for keeping your Newfoundland dog clean, so if you are unsure about that (or anything else related to your dog), it will be the best idea that you consult the breeder that you have bought dog from (or a vet of course).
Grooming Newfoundland puppy shouldn’t be a hard thing to do, but yet there are few things that their owner should know. First of all, try not to make a long procedure of grooming. As it was mentioned, your puppy should be groomed at least once a day at start, so, if you even make it last long, you are not the only one who will get bored of it. Also, don’t get this like “Ok, I’m going to finish this job in 5 seconds”, doing it fast isn’t the best thing to do either. Just try to do it in a best way possible and also pay attention to its ears hygiene, because it’s very important to them. 
Besides taking a good care of your Newfoundland puppy’s coat, it also important that you teach it that grooming isn’t anything that it should refuse to do. Even if you have any difficulties sometimes, never lose your temper and try to be the best owner you can be. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Should my Newfoundland puppy have friends?

Many of dog owners are often questioning themselves whether or not their dog should meet other dogs. Well, like humans (and other animals beside dogs), Newfoundland dogs need to establish friendships with others, so it’s ok that they meet some other dogs, but of course there are few things that their owner should be aware of. One of them is certainly that he should make sure first that the dogs that his dog is meeting are friendly and non-aggressive.

So, if my puppy should have friends, is it important that it has a lot of them? Well, it’s not like that dogs have got facebook so they can boast to each other for how many friends have they got, but if a puppy doesn’t meet any other dog, there’s a possibility that it can become shy in the future. Besides meeting other dogs, if you want to take your puppy to a place where are a lot of people, it will be a good idea that your puppy have seen people before, so before taking your puppy somewhere, your puppy should see some other people except you(for example you can show it to your friends, family or so)
Is it ok that my puppy meets children? Newfoundland dogs are known as the dogs who are good with children, so they usually get on well together. 

It is common to say that experience is very important, it can’t be bought by money and you can’t gain it by talking to somebody. Like the word says itself, you have to experience something first to get certain knowledge from it and that will serve you when making decisions in future that are somehow related to what you have experienced. Puppies should also gain certain experience, and their owner can’t take care of his puppy 24/7, but he should do as much is it in his power to ensure that his puppy will grow into a friendly adult. 
Puppy’s regular grow into an adult dog is very important. Also, it’s very good if an owner of a puppy can recognize what is his pet trying to say to him. For example, if you see that your puppy lowered its tail and it is scared of something, you shouldn’t force him to that object, whatever it is. Your puppy will make decision on its own, when it feels that it is ready. The owner’s most important task is to have a lot of patience for his puppy, like while he’s training it.